Looking for a nice place to live on Sark!

We are Jan, Dominique and a new born child in July and we are looking for a nice place to live on Sark

After living in Cologne for a long time, we decided to leave Germany in 2018 for various reasons and have been travelling around the world ever since, looking for suitable and beautiful places to live.

We arrived in Sark at the end of October. After two weeks in quaratine we finally begann to explore the island, got used to the muddy shoes by now, and have been hooked since!

At the moment we are renting Wisteria cottage, and while we are happy here, we are aiming to live in our own house - also given the fact, that we are going to be parents in July! 🙂

What are we looking for?

A nice plot with lots of sun and a view of the sea would be ideal. 

Unfortunately, we have found that the range of properties on Sark is very limited. Therefore, it would also be an option for us to demolish an old existing house / ruin in order to have a new house built there. 

We are both big fans of a modern wooden house because it supports healthy and sustainable living. However, we would like to coordinate the plans for this with the seller of the land. The best thing would therefore be to get to know each other personally over a coffee to see what possibilities there are.

We would very happy to receive a message from you at sark@soulas.com or via Whatsapp at +49 177 6457786

Kind regards,
Jan & Dominique